Thursday, July 29, 2010

♥ Kajal ♥

kajal ni celak mata..
da test cantik ble pakai n mata takkan nampak cam panda bile berpeluh
kat web lain sampai jual rm28 buy 1 free1 mksdnye 1 rm 14 la kan..

senang calit cam gllimerstick..
kualiti lebih kurang A**N, MAYBE**INE

RM 10 sahaja

Extra Details:
Pure Herbal Kajal Kohl Eyeliner Soft Natural Black

• A unique product, Kajal helps to define the eyes, creating an intensity of colour to attract and reflect light. With UV filters and vitamin E to help protect the delicate eye area.
• Create a sultry and sensual eye make-up effect with this excellent addition to your make-up selection of colours and moods!
• Use Kajal-Kohl as eyeliner or as an eye enhancer by applying it to your inner eyelids.
• This is an all natural product which means no chemicals! Suitable For All Type of Skins
• Ingredients include: castor oil, bees wax, mineral oil, camphor herbal extract and enriched with almond oil.

Pure make up tip: Use over the eyelid or apply to internal part of the eye. Smudge to create an eyeshadow look.

- Peninsular Malaysia (RM 6.00)
- Sabah & Sarawak (RM 9.00)

Kepada sesiapa yg berminat bleh hubungi kwn aku ni:
Email :
Hp : 019-4611246

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